Daily 5: Ideas for Each Activity

DAILY 5 Ideas and Activities for Second Grade
This post could also be called 'photo dump', as I clear out my camera from this past year :)

Looking at these pictures reminds me of the FANTASTIC year we've had, and how great the Daily 5 worked in our classroom!
 Here are some activities that we did for each component of Daily 5 {for even more ideas, scroll to the link at the bottom of the page}

During Daily 5, nothing made me happier than to see boys truly engaged in reading books they enjoy!

Students read to themselves...or a few friends :)

After we went through all the fluency cards, students could choose what to read to their partner(s).
Our unit on Reader's Theatre {here} sure helped with their fluency and expression!


I love how students took ownership of this activity! They wrote books {above}

and notes to each other...

and made information booklets {TONS of FREE thematic word lists can be found here}


This was one of my favourite activities to introduce to the class. We incorporated SO many ways to work on our spelling words.
In the activity above, students are writing their words in 'funky letters'.

...See how the letters go with the words?!...

So cute :)

Here students made word searches using their spelling words. When they were finished, they traded their papers with the others in their group and started searching!
These 2 activities just a small part of a great freebie pack from Mel at Seusstastic {here}

In this activity, students are finding words inside their spelling words.


Students used my iPad to listen to hundreds of great books, read online.

When the story was over, they filled in reading response forms. I had quite a selection of forms for them to choose from, to keep things interesting! This one is from Mel's set too :)

For even MORE Daily 5 ideas for each activity, click the button below!

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