All About the Setting...and Some Setting Selfies!

We have spent time learning about different components in books. Recently we have focussed on the story's setting.
I thought that when people take a 'selfie', you can tell a lot about what's going on because of the setting in the picture. So I made a set of pictures {using characters that I knew my students would LOVE} and had them write stories based on the selfie pictures. Thus, Setting Selfies was born!

You can find the Setting Selfie pack {here}.
We also used Lyndsey's amazing pack "It Was the Perfect Setting" {here} and it was a huge hit!
Here, students were given a character cue, and they had to come up with the setting, then write a story about it.
Here students had to read the story and make a picture of the setting using clues from the text.
Here, students made brochures to describe a place/setting of their choice. This is from Sarah's setting pack {here}.

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  1. OMG- The setting selfie's are TOO DARN CUTE! Must have them!