All About the Setting...and Some Setting Selfies!

We have spent time learning about different components in books. Recently we have focused on the story's setting.
Teach about the story setting using selfies! Students look at the picture & where it's taken and write a story about it. Writing activity for 1st & 2nd Grade
I thought that when people take a 'selfie', you can tell a lot about what's going on because of the setting in the picture. So I made a set of pictures {using characters that I knew my students would LOVE} and had them write stories based on the selfie pictures. Thus, Setting Selfies was born!

You can find the Setting Selfie pack {here}.
We also used Lyndsey's amazing pack "It Was the Perfect Setting" {here} and it was a huge hit!
Here, students were given a character cue, and they had to come up with the setting, then write a story about it.
Here students had to read the story and make a picture of the setting using clues from the text.
Here, students made brochures to describe a place/setting of their choice. This is from Sarah's setting pack {here}.

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  1. OMG- The setting selfie's are TOO DARN CUTE! Must have them!


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