Fun With Numbers: Math Work Stations

This round of Math Centres focusses primarily on number recognition and counting.
 {If you see some Teddy Bears/stuffed animals photobombing in this post, it's because it was Teddy Bear Day that day}
Math centers for Kindergarten
 Following the directions on the template cards, students used elastic bands and geoboards to make numbers. The number cards are a wonderful freebie found {here} at Making Learning Fun.
Math centers for Kindergarten
A great activity to practice skills such as following directions, hand-eye coordination, and developing those fine motor skills.
Students roll a die and highlight the number they rolled.
Math centers for Kindergarten

Math centers for Kindergarten
They LOVE this activity.
It is great for number recognition, counting, and subsitizing.
Dice games as math centers for Kindergarten
This activity is from my pack {here}
Math centers for Kindergarten
What is it about kids and magnets?
In this activity students are manipulating number magnets. It is fun to see what they come up with. Some arrange the numbers randomly; others will put them in numerical order.
Math centers for Kindergarten
Math centers for Kindergarten
Another popular activity where students use hand-eye coordination, matching skills, and fine motor ability to form numbers using pattern blocks. This is also a free download {here} from Making Learning Fun. 
Math centers for Kindergarten
I have several file folder activities for this month that focus on a range of skills including matching, shape recognition, one-to-one correspondence, and more.
Math centers for Kindergarten
Math centers for Kindergarten
This week we're learning all about Brown Bear. In this activity, students are creating and extending patterns using bears.

More about Brown Bear and Teddy Bear Day in my next post, later this week!

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