Too Much Glue!

I was thrilled to receive a book to review from Flashlight Press called
written by Jason Lefebvre.

Matty {like ALL kids!} loves to mess around with glue, and despite warnings from his teacher that "too much glue never dries" he proceeds to use TOO MUCH GLUE!

Belly flop into a glue puddle anyone?

Matty's teacher, friends, school nurse, and principal come in to help. Without giving too much away, let's just say a masterpiece was made :)

This book has superb illustrations, done by Zac Retz. The pictures add so much to this fun story, making it even more hilarious!

I highly recommend this book for use in primary classrooms {especially for art teachers!} in the beginning of the school year as a springboard for discussing how to use art materials properly...such as glue!

You can purchase the book on by clicking the pic below.
{It already has 5 stars!}

This book is Jason and Zac's first picture book...I hope that they have Matty return to teach students more valuable lessons in the future :)

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  1. I ALMOST bought this book this summer! I have already told my class that I think liquid glue is the enemy!

    Rowdy in First Grade


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