The King's Pudding

The King's Pudding book activities for Kindergarten and First Grade
One book we use to make connections to the 5 Senses theme is The King's Pudding by Joy Cowley.

Of course, this book relates to the sense of taste.

My students love how the characters appear to be helpful to the king by testing his pudding for him, yet are merely tricking him in order to eat his pudding!
We filled in a story map to discuss what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
Then we filled in a graph to show what our favorite food is:

***I use the term food loosely here :)

This activity allowed for a review of graphing skills and data collection, and also reinforced making connections to self.

{And by using pictures of the students, it made the graph personal and cute! Thanks for the great idea, Reagan!}

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