I'm Feelin' The Heat!

What an enormous honour to receive the Blog On Fire Award!!!

Thank you Cheryl at Crayons & Curls!
And thanks for all your sweet comments-they always make my day!

It feels like Christmas came early, I am so excited!

OK, now to follow the rules. I have to tell 7 things about myself and then nominate 7 blogs for the award.

1) I have ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher.
Growing up, we had a play 'school' set up in our basement, with several old-style student desks that my parents got when my (real) school was getting rid of them. I had a chalkboard and workbooks. I had a {cow} bell to signal when school started and when it was recess time. {I still have that cow bell, displayed in my living room!}I taped paper slips into our books so that my 'students' could check them out of the library. My poor brother and sister were my students. I picked them up at their bus stops using the wagon...yes, I was the busdriver too!

I have no family members who are teachers, but I've known since Grade 1 that it was the job for me. My Grade 1 teacher wore high heels and used sticky tac and made the cutest charts to hang in the classroom. I thought she was beautiful and nice, and I wanted to be just like her!

2) If I was not a teacher, I would be a librarian. I have a crazy love of books and would be on Cloud 9 if I were surrounded by books all day long.

3) I have been married to my college sweetheart for 15 years. It's so hard to believe that we have been together for over 20 years--seriously, where did the time go?!

4) We have three great children, two girls and a boy. They are the light of my life.

5) When watching movies, yes I follow the plot, but I can't help myself...I also focus on the houses and how they are decorated. {I know I'm not alone here, check out the website Hooked On Houses}! My absolute fave movie house is  from Father Of The Bride. In fact, when our family grew out of our 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house, we levelled it, and we rebuilt our home to be like that one!

6) I love so many things: photography, reading, interior design, Pinterest, gardening, shopping, blog-stalking...and of course my blog followers!

7) I am Canadian. Both sets of my grandparents came to Canada from The Netherlands. My dad was born there too. My husband's grandparents and parents are from the Netherlands as well.
Hup, Holland, Hup!

Now to nominate 7 blogs that are on fire--check them out!

These blogs have been my bread and butter since I discovered the blog world:

Blogs I'm lovin' that are "newer" to me:

Blogs I love because they lead me find to even MORE great blogs:

Feelin' HOT! HOT! HOT!


  1. You are awesome!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I am following you now :)

  2. Thank you, Anita!! You made my day!!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. Totally get the teacher play AND the house thing. Totally. :) Love Reagan and Jennifer!!! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher


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