Three Tips for New Teachers

3 Smart Tips for new elementary teachers & a free download! #teachertips #teacherhacks #kindergarten #backtoschool #education #school #newteacher #classroom #classroomsetup
First let me say that I loved "meeting" you all yesterday on Meet The Teacher Monday.
I feel soooo much better knowing that I'm not the only diet soda drinking, Pinterest-addicted, organizing, chocoholic, shopaholic out there :)

That being said, here are my big three tips to share with new teachers for Teacher Talk Tuesday:
3 Smart Tips for new elementary teachers & a free download! #teachertips #teacherhacks #kindergarten #backtoschool #education #school #newteacher #classroom #classroomsetup

Don't try to do it all in the first year. Make time each day for yourself. Keep up with your hobbies & interests that don't involve work. {You will never listen to this advice, but you'll wish you had later on.}

Don't try to do it all yourself. Get inspiration from the great online resources available e.g. grade appropriate teaching sites & blogs.

Your students will love you. This love will manifest itself in gazillions of love notes, colored pictures, cards, & drawings. Make yourself a Love Notes binder. It's a great way to store your treasures & can be enjoyed by everyone, all year long. Snag the free cover page {here}!

Free Download! Teacher Love Notes binder cover for all those notes from your students!


  1. So true! I have a box that I keep all my art/cards in from the kids, it's great to pull it out every now and then especially when I've had a hard day.

  2. Hi! I'm a Canadian k teacher, too! I'm just getting into this blogging world myself and have just set up a blog for my class (so much to learn)I guess I'm one of those blog stalkers as this is my first comment ever!! I was tickled you were a Canadian!! Love your blog!

  3. Your #1 is so true. I try so hard to force myself to follow this rule, but it's so hard.

  4. What a great idea to collect on your notes and things in a binder. Wish I had done that my first year!

  5. That binder cover is sooo cute!! All of my notes are in a filing cabinet drawer. This is a much cuter way to store them!

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

  6. Just found your blog and loved learning about you!! I would agree that there's too much out there that you don't need to do it by yourself!! I get soooo many ideas from blogging!!