Linky-Party {Pooper}

Today is Where It All Happens Wednesday, and I am a party-pooper.
I realize we are supposed to be sharing photos of our classrooms, but it's still summer vacation here! I don't begin teaching until September 7th, and we don't go in for meetings & classroom set-up until next week. Come back then to check it out!

Meanwhile, I'll just post some random pics  :)

Random picture #1
What do you think of this amazing birthday cake I received one year, made by a mom of one of my students? We celebrated my birthday during 'Dr. Seuss on the Loose' family activity hour.
Tastes as good as it looks.

Random picture #2
Several teachers have been blogging about their fancy clipboards & I have been asked about mine.

I got it last year from Home Sense. It came with a to do list pad. And I love it. 

Random enough for you?! LOL

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  1. My school also doesn't start school until after Labor Day and we don't get to set up until next week. Seeing everyone's classrooms today is making me very excited to get in mine! :)


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