...More Hot Ideas

Here are some more things I've been working on this summer...
Word Work activities for Kindergarten- perfect for literacy centers!

(sight word practice)
A FUN Way to Incorporate Daily Sight Word Practice in Kindergarten!

Looking for a way to squeeze in extra reading practice throughout the day? Try High-Fives! My sight words have been mounted onto hand cut-outs. When a new sight word is introduced for the week, it is attached to the "Words To Know" chart with velcro. The chart hangs by the classroom door. When students exit the room during dismissal, they read the words aloud as they high-five the words on the way out.

(Guided Reading)
Story Map Anchor Chart {use sticky notes so it's reusable!}

I found this story map chart here @ Mrs. Roja's blog. This chart is an excellent way to review your book study from the Guided Reading portion of your day. It is also a great way to check your students' comprehension of the story. And the sticky notes allow for quick & easy changes from one story to the next! 

(alphabetical order)
iPod ABC order activity

Every Kindergartener needs an iPod to work with in class...right?!
Song titles are stored in alphabetical order, but these kid-friendly iPods store students' names. Students write the four listed names on the 'playlist' in alphabetical order, using wipe-off markers. See here for the iPod template and word lists @ TeacherTipster.com. 

Hands-on number making using geoboards & elastics!

I found these great geoboard number-making templates here. Students can practise making numbers, hand-eye coordination, and tactile learning...all in one.


Secret Code Spelling for word work
Students use this code guide to "write" words. This activity is a great way to practice spelling words, sight words, and even names. A downloadable copy of the spelling guide can be found here @ Mrs. Gilchrist's Class.

Word Doctor: a great hands-on literacy center!

Your little "surgeons", wearing (dust) masks, gloves, and using tweezers, work on their operating tray to piece together the broken bones...STAT!
These broken bones have students' names on them, but the activity would also work to piece together words  (onsets & rimes). 
Word Doctor: a great hands-on literacy center!

Students record the names/words they make on the 'Word Surgery Results' sheet, found here. Premade broken word bones can be found here. Thanks to Tunstall Times for the fun idea & downloads!
Word Doctor: a great hands-on literacy center!

All 'surgery tools' shown can be found at your local Dollarama.


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  4. You have amazing ideas!!!! My students would love the word doctor!!!

  5. Do you have patterns/printables for High Five? I love it.

  6. Hi Tracey,
    The hands are from Carson Dellosa, and I purchased them at a teachers' store. Hope this helps!