Hot Ideas

My name is Anita, and I am a teaching blog addict. 
OK, maybe not an addict, but thanks to Pinterest I've come across so many great Kindergarten blogs, and so many great teaching ideas, that I found myself rushing out to the nearest Dollarama to purchase the supplies needed to make every single one of these student activities.
Do I need them all for September? Addict...maybe.

Here are some things my students can look forward to doing this year:
Literacy Activities for Kindergarten- lots of ideas for centers!

(for tactile printing)
Squishy Bags: tactile printing activity {Click for instructions!}

I used large Ziploc bags and filled them with hair gel, food colouring, and glitter. I found this idea here.

(for tracking print)
Fancy nails for tracking print
Fancy nails for tracking print

Dollarama has their Halloween items out (already!) and I picked up some groovy fingers that have long, glittery fingernails. Students can use these beauties to track print as they read.

Build a Clock: Students use numbers with Velcro to make clocks {a free download!}

Using "Hickory Dickory Dock" as a springboard, students will be introduced to clocks & time to the hour. In this activity, students will piece together clocks by putting the numbers in the right spaces. I used Velcro to make the numbers stick and for easy removal. The clock can be downloaded here from Mrs. Williamson's Kinders.


Playdough Mats for Letters, Shapes, Counting, and Numbers

I made a set of mats for Numbers, Shapes, the Alphabet, and Counting.
For the counting mats, students put playdough cut-outs onto the corresponding number.
Organizing tip: Binder clips are a great way to keep the mats together for storage!

Power Towers: "Build" student reading skills while building a tower of words they know!

Inside the Power Tower tube are words printed on Dixie cups. Students stack the words they can read and see how high their tower can grow. My cups have the students' names on them for September, and I will be gradually adding sight words as they are introduced. This idea is from
 The Power Tower label can be downloaded here.


Build CVC words with soda cap vowels

Build CVC words with soda cap vowels

I tweaked an idea from here to create CVC word mats, using diet soda lids for the letters.
Students will place vowels on the words, using the picture cues to figure out the word.


FREE Download Bug clip cards- just add clothespins! A tactile reading activity-perfect in a literacy center!

FREE Download Bug clip cards- just add clothespins! A tactile reading activity-perfect in a literacy center!
Students use clothespin letters to make words.
This activity is for our Bug Unit in June...Yes, June :)

I made an updated version of this activity as a FREE download {here}
FREE Bug themed clip cards- just add clothespins!

I hope you find some of these ideas useful for your class too!


  1. Hi Anita, Thanks for all the ground work. Love all these ideas. Easter school holidays just finished, such a pity i didn't come across your site sooner. Guess you know what i'll be doing next couple of weekends! Again thanks so much!!

  2. This is absolutely awesome, I found you through my new addiction (pintrest) and I'm so glad, thank you so much

  3. Love the pointy finger pointers, also where can I get a copy of the sentence practice sheets? I looked on your tpt with no luck :)

  4. Hi Patricia, Thanks for stopping by! The pages can be downloaded from here: