Friday Favorites: Favorite Read Alouds for Second Grade

My class LOVES read aloud time! I think it's their favorite time of the day. It just might be mine too!

I read to my students while they are eating lunch. This keeps them in their seats, keeps the room quiet as they have lunch, and they actually EAT because they are not busy chatting! :)

When I started teaching Grade 2 a few years ago I spent a lot of time researching what books would be good to put on my read aloud list. Many were great, and a few were not so great. Here is a list of books that my students have been LOVING over the years!
Kids Favorite Read Alouds in Second Grade

My classes just love the Ralph S Mouse trilogy! Ralph is a mouse that rides a motorcycle and can communicate with people who seem lonely. Ralph gets into trouble and has fun adventures! The books are written by Beverly Cleary.

Pippi Longstocking is a lively girl who lives alone with her pet monkey and her horse. She is very spirited and wild, and my students love that! This book is written by Astrid Lindgren.

Charlie finds the Golden Ticket which allows him to tour Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. It is a place beyond imagination! A fun book written by Roald Dahl.

Ribsy is Henry Huggins' pet dog, who always seems to get into trouble and adventures. My classes always seem to love books by Beverly Cleary!


Humphrey is a class pet who always seems to help the children in his class, the teachers, and even the principal solve their problems. These are great books, written from a fun point of view! There are many books in this series, written by Betty G. Birney.

Charlotte the spider saves her friend Wilbur the pig's life using her amazing gifts and talents. A classic book by E.B. White.

My students LOVE this story. Everything John Midas touches turns to chocolate, his favorite treat! But he soon learns is that his magical gift is not as wonderful as it may seem. This book is by Patrick Skene Catling.

There are many books in the series about The Littles, tiny creatures with tails who secretly live in human homes. They go on many adventures and always need to ensure they are not seen by humans. The Littles books are by John Peterson.

Want to see how I let my students select what book we'll read next? Find that post {here}

If your class has a favorite read aloud they just love, let me know by leaving a comment below...maybe we'll try it out next!


  1. Wondering if you do any activities after / while / before you are reading the story aloud to your class, or is this simply a listening / enjoyment read? Thanks!

  2. Hi Leeanne, I do read alouds during lunch while they are eating, so they are not able to do activities at the time. This reading time is for listening & enjoyment. We read books and do learning activities during our Guided Reading block.


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