SPARKLE! Spelling Ideas for Your Classroom

Spelling can be a boring subject to teach {and learn!} when using a spelling program and workbook.

We play Sparkle to practise weekly word lists in an effort to keep spelling words fun, engaging, and educational:
'Sparkle' spelling game- a fun way to practice spelling list words!

Students stand in a circle. I say the word to spell. One student says the first letter of the word, and we continue to go around the circle spelling the word, one letter at a time per person. 

When the word is finished, the next person in the circle says "Sparkle!" and the next person has to sit down.  Students who say the incorrect letter (either because they don't know how to spell the word or because they weren't paying attention) also have to sit down. Play continues until we are through the word list or when there is one player left standing.

I love how this game does not highlight those students who cannot spell the words correctly- there is always one person who will be 'out' after each word is spelled. In this way it is fairly random who ends up 'winning', because it is just a lucky break when they are not next to the person who has said Sparkle. :)

My students LOVE this 'game'.

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Tons of engaging activity ideas to practice spelling words!

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  1. SPARKLE is one of my favorite spelling games to play! The kids really enjoy playing almost as much as I do. Thanks for sharing!


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