Problem/Solution and Action in the Story!!!

We have had SUCH a good time learning about story elements. After completing units on characters and setting {see post here} we discussed the problem/solution in the story and the action {verbs}.


Using Lyndsey's problem detective pack (here) students read short stories where the characters were faced with problems. They tried to come up with some possible solutions to the problems in the story. Their discussions were PRICELESS! :)

Action {verbs}
We used Lyndsey's verb pack (here) to focus on the action in the story. Students rotated through stations to practice learning about verbs in engaging ways.

Here students are pulling a card with an action word on it, then acting it out to see who can guess it. (Like charades.)
Here students are looking around the classroom and listing all of the verbs they see.

Students performed plays by reading the script and acting out their parts.
In this activity, students drew cards with verbs on them, then copied the word and picture and used them in sentences.

Students looked for 'Walk of Fame' style stars around the classroom.
They had to read the sentence on the star, and identify the verb in the sentence. So fun!

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