A New Round of Daily 5!

We are just lovin' the Daily 5!
Here's what we did this round...

Word Work
During this round of Word Work, we used Scrabble letter tiles to make the words from our Spelling list for the week. Students made the words, then tallied each letters' points, and added up the word totals. A great combo of spelling practice AND addition!
You can find the activity {here}.

Read to Self
Another cozy session of reading 'Good Fit' books on the carpet & pillows. Wish I could join them...

Listen to Reading
Students are choosing a book from the big selection on the free site Storyline Online. After they listen to the story they fill out their choice of response form.

Work on Writing
Lists, stories, cards, labeling pictures, write the room, love notes!? Yes, I came across a few of those...seriously, in Grade 2?! {Not written by these two}

Read With a Partner
Students read fluency phrases that get increasingly challenging. Their partners checks their work for accuracy. Students choose a voice to read, and this week one read in a 'scared' voice...I couldn't help it, I cracked RIGHT UP! So fun!

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  1. I didn't know that you moved to 2nd!? How do you like it so far? Why the move? I taught 2nd for one year and LOVED it!


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