{FREE} Spelling Test Templates

FREE Spelling Test Templates download
Heading into Grade 2 means lots of changes, one of them being Spelling Tests.
I whipped up a Spelling Test template, and made a Bonus Words page that I can copy onto the back.
FREE Spelling Test Templates download

I also made a Pretest form to use before we start the lessons for the week, to see where the class is at and what words will need some extra practice throughout the week.FREE Spelling Test Templates download
Scrabble Spelling activities for ANY words
For some added spelling practice, we'll be doing some Scrabble Spelling. I found some Scrabble games at yard sales this summer, so I have tons of letter tiles.
All of our new word learning can be recorded in these books...portable Word Walls!
Portable word books for students to fill in words they know or need to learn- great for a writing center!

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