Last August, before school even started for the year, I requested a grade change from Kindergarten to...Grade 2! All year long I waited to see what would happen, and a few months ago I was told that it's a go.
I have enjoyed teaching Kindergarten for the past 12 years. I love how excited my students are to come to school. They are just SO enthusiastic! My Kindergarten teaching schedule is 3 days per week. Can't complain about that! After twelve years I've got everything down pat, so I sometimes ask myself what am I doing changing grades!? But twelve years is a looong time. My first Kindergarten class is heading to grade 11 this fall :) It's time for me to try something different; time to get my creative juices flowing again; time for me to dig into some new curriculum.

I am so excited for next year already. I have not had my own classroom for FIFTEEN YEARS, so that is one thing I am pumped about! I cannot wait to give you a tour of my new room!!! Expect lots of pictures :) I'll even have my own desk! I die!
I am also excited to create new things for my students to use. Lots of engaging, relevant, fun items. I've got tons of ideas up my sleeve!!

And of course, I am super excited to teach older children. Kids who already know what school is, who know the routines, and who still love to come every day! And did I mention I'll be teaching half-days, every morning? It doesn't get better than this!
I feel so blessed that God has allowed these changes to take place. After three years of having these thoughts of a grade change simmering in my mind, I could not be happier that it is all coming true! God is good!

My blog will remain the same. My posts will be about ideas relevant for Kindergarten-Grade 2. I already have 20 freebies to share with you over the summer. Freebies that are relevant for K-2. {The first one will be showing up this week!} My TPT store will be made up of items for Kindergarten-Grade 2. My Pinterest boards are full of amazing ideas for K-2. Join me on my adventure- I am so excited!
Did I mention that I am excited?!?! 


  1. What an exciting change! Good luck to you.

  2. Hi Anita I had a good chuckle over your post as I too am leaving Kindergarten after 14 years and heading to Grade 1/2 I have followed your blog and used so many of your ideas and I was sad when I realized it wouldn't be relevant for me in Gr 1/2 anymore but... now it is! Enjoy your summer and looking forward to your ideas in the fall!

  3. Wow! That's great! Congratulations :)

  4. Once you're happy, we're happy!!!!
    Congratulations :) :) :)


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