Bright Idea: When The Teacher is Busy

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This tip is useful for times when you are working with a small group.

The other students are supposed to be busy with their own activities. Activities that have been explained thoroughly, that have all of the components ready to use, and that are fun and engaging and absolutely meaningful/educational.

But doesn't it just always happen that one student just needs to tell you something? {Something that can wait?}
I have found that this helps in times like those:
Teaching tip: Wear a tiara to indicate to students that you are busy with a group and cannot be disturbed!
When the teacher is wearing her tiara, it means that you may not talk to her or interrupt the small group...unless one of the 3 B's is occurring: barfing, bleeding, or a bathroom emergency.

It works people!

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  1. Ha! I love it! I think I've found a new way to utilize my daughter's old dress up crowns (since she's 16 and won't need them). Thanks for sharing!
    Fun in Room 4B


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