Mission Trip: Family Style

It's a family-style vacation/mission trip!
This week my family is headed to the Dominican Republic. And by family I mean 12 of us! My parents, brother, sister and her family, and my family.
photo: Google maps
My parents have hearts of gold. They head to the Dominican Republic at least once per year to help the poor. They arrange food distributions, visit the orphanage, go to the slums to arrange for house repairs, and visit the hospital. This time they are taking our whole family, and we are so excited to be a part of this!
photo: Google images
I plan on using TPT earnings to provide a pizza lunch for the children at the orphanage. I sure hope they have Diet Pepsi!
The only downside is that we have to fly there. I am not a flier. I have not been on an airplane since 1996, when we headed to St. Maarten for our honeymoon...and flew straight into Hurricane Bertha. I will probably try the same relaxation technique this time around...staring at my feet and convincing myself that they are planted firmly on the ground. And never looking out the window. And praying.
photo: Google images
Any flying tips you can share?

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