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We had a great time yesterday looking for signs of spring on our Spring Scavenger Hunt. We did manage to find a few items on the list, despite the c-o-l-d start to the season. If you'd like a FREE copy of our scavenger hunt list, you can find it {here}
FREE Writing Center word list charts with picture cues for Kindergarten and First Grade
I also finished the last installment of word lists for your writing center. This set includes word lists for Summer, such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Canada Day, Summer, Beach, and Camping. 
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 Soon we will be doing our 'King of ING' lesson, as it ties in well with spring.
You can find that lesson {here}
Fun ideas and literacy activities for learning about the ending ING. #kindergarten #1stgrade #literacy

Activities to learn about the ending -ING
I've created a mini pack to aid my students in learning about the -ING ending.
Activities to learn about the ending -ING 

ING ending activities for Kindergarten

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  1. Thanks for sharing, what a great idea to prepare themed sheets. I can just imagine putting a sheet at t he writing centre! iz


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