Mission: Organization {Binder Storage Teacher Hacks}

Teacher binder organization tips and tricks
Here is a view of the sad corner of my dining room:
Over the past several months I have been creating book studies and units to go with what I'm doing in class.
After doing a unit, I would set it aside and print out the next one.
Lessons, printables, laminated activities...everywhere!
I wanted everything in labeled binders, so it is easy to store and easy to find again when I need it next.
Since Monday turned out to be a SNOW DAY, I had some unexpected extra time on my hands to get some organizing done!
I bought these binders at Dollarama. I like how they look, and that they don't have a space for a cover page. What?! I know...I like keeping it looking clean and uniform.
I printed labels for the sides of the binders, so with one quick glance I know exactly what's inside.
Added tabs, to make things simple to find.
Cover pages in page protectors for durability.
These clear document holders zip up so you can't lose anything! I found them at Dollarama.
I have inserted them at the end of each unit/book study in the binder.
Each document holder contains ALL of the pieces needed for that unit or book study, including:
pocket chart cards
work station activities
game components
Now when I grab a binder, I have literally everything I need.
I am happy to have completed 5 binders so far...


  1. I store everything the same way! Teachers in my building tease me about my notebooks, but I can find whatever I need! :) However, I haven't seen the zip up page protectors! What an amazing find!

    Learning is for Superstars
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  2. Wow, what a great idea! I seriously need to get organized, I am too ashamed to post a picture of our office at home! :) Thanks for sharing the great tips, glad you had some time to get organized!

    Fun in PreK-1

  3. In regards to your organization tip, I was thinking of doing the exact same thing! I think binders are awesome for "storage". It beats those big bins (though bins are very useful too). Thanks for pushing me towards meeting the ongoing goal of ORGANIZATION.


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