High Five! Daily Sight Word Practice

I posted here about the High Five chart I made for extra sight word practice. It has been decimated well-used.

High-fived into oblivion, if you will.

{But, really, what did I expect? It was a piece of regular white paper in a sheet protector.}

Here is my more sturdy edition- it's much larger and is made with poster board covered with mactac:

Sight Word practice chart for students to High Five on their way out the door!
All of our sight words have been mounted onto hand cut-outs. When a new sight word is introduced for the week, it is attached to the "Words To Know" chart with velcro. Our new-and-improved chart hangs by the classroom door. When students exit the room during dismissal, they read the words aloud as they high-five the words on the way out.

You can find the High Five! chart {here}!
Daily Sight Word Practice for Kindergarten students

sample below:
Daily Sight Word Practice for Kindergarten students