Summer Is Over

Summer is over.

OK, technically there are three weeks left of summer, but it is over for me and all my fellow teachers across Canada.

I know that summer is over for me because last night I had my annual back-to-school dream nightmare.

My dream is nearly the same each year: I get to school on the first day and walk into my classroom. I am terrified because I have absolutely no idea what to do. My plans aren't ready and I have forgotten all my stuff at home. My students are loud, boisterous, climbing the furniture, and not listening to me. Then I wake up and breathe a sigh of relief and laugh because the dream hasn't changed much from year to year. Now that my dream is over-with, I know I'm good to go!

The first few weeks are a little rough, with laying out expectations and presenting routines and getting to know everyone. So I wanted to share this with all of my teaching friends who will begin a new school year tomorrow:
And just remember, it gets easier as the year goes on :)

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