Classroom Management Tips

'Back to school' means introducing our new students to routines...
....and practice, practice, practice at following these routines.

Here are some classroom management tips that I've incorporated into my daily routine. They work for me! If you are having some difficulty in any of these areas, you may wish to try them as well:

3 Tips for Class Management in Kindergarten {that really work!}

In The Hallway
On the first day of school, I asked my students some questions about how they think we should act when passing through the hallway.
One of my questions was 'Would it be a good idea for us to run in the hallway?'
To which I received a chorus of "Ya!"
Except for one girl, who said "No! Then you'll get a speeding ticket!"

I decided it was time to teach them about peace and quiet.
3 Tips for Class Management in Kindergarten {that really work!}

One hand is making the peace sign while the other is showing quiet.

Sure we look crazy when we walk down the hallway, and we might even get funny looks. But we know what we're doing, and that's all that matters...right?!

At The Carpet
While sitting at the carpet, students sit with their legs crossed and have their hands in their laps. I call it 'Ducks in the Pond'. The crossed legs make a 'pond' that their hands (ducks) swim in. Even now, when we gather at the carpet, several students will say "Ducks in the pond!" and proudly show me that they remember how to sit. Cute!
3 Tips for Class Management in Kindergarten {that really work!}
When Someone Is Speaking
Are you feeling frustrated with students who aren't listening and generally look the opposite direction of the speaker? Tell them this, it works! Good listeners listen with their bellybuttons. Sure it sounds silly, but it's true! If your bellybutton is facing the speaker, so is the rest of your body. 


  1. Oh my goodness, I love that you call it "peace and quiet"!!!! I've had my students do this while walking in the hall too, except they stretch the "peace sign" arm way up. I've never thought to call it peace and quiet! genius I tell you!!!

    Miss Kindergarten

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