DIY Birthday Chart

I have never had a birthday chart displayed in my classroom (gasp!), so this year I was determined to find space for one. After doing some searching through teacher store catalogues & online stores, I was about to purchase this:

BUT...instead I did a litle DIY project!
DIY Birthday Chart for the classroom
I came across this really cute idea that is so much more personal than printing a name on a cupcake.
I took a picture of each child holding a small chalkboard which had their birthday number printed on it. I grouped students by their birthday month. Where two students have the same birthday, they are both holding the number together.

Instead of displaying this on a bulletin board (up high, where they can't even see it) I hung it on the back of my classroom door, where it is very visible. I used a small pocket chart held in place by over-the-door hangers. I then framed it out with a border, to finish it off.

My students L-O-V-E checking it out, to see who's birthday is next, or who has a birthday in the same month as they do.


  1. Love this idea! Going to try this out as soon as they get back from PE :P

  2. This is a great idea! I love it! Also, I just have to say... all your students look like they could be related! They are all blonde and cute as buttons!

  3. great idea........I have been trying to find something different, thanks for the idea

  4. I did something similar but had each child wear a party hat with the number on it. Have also seen it done with them holding a balloon with the number on it... :0)

  5. I love the birthday chart! Where did you buy the pocket chart from?

  6. The pocket chart is from a teachers' store, and is called the "Daily Schedule Pocket Chart". I believe it's made by Carson Dellosa, but if you google 'daily schedule pocket chart' you'll find it :)