Easter Books for Kids

It's almost Easter, and it's time to think about some fun Easter-themed books and activities!
Easter Books and Activities that focus on story sequencing
 There are some fun Easter books that are PERFECT for teaching the concept of sequencing in the story. One of our favourites is
Easter Books for Kids
 The old lady is back again, swallowing various items that help to make....well I won't give it away, but it's Easter-themed :)

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed...reusable story mapping chart!
Here is a picture of my sad-looking old sequencing chart from 2013. It has been thoroughly updated, and the best part is, it can be used for ANY 'Old Lady Who Swallowed' books! 
It is reusable because students affix the pictures using Velcro. 

What I like to do is hand out the pictures prior to the story, and as I read the book students who have the corresponding picture come forward to add them to the chart. This way the have to pay attention! :)

You can find the chart and pictures for every book (and more!) {here}
Activity pack for EVERY 'There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed' book in the series!

Another fun favourite Easter sequencing book is

Easter Books for Kids
 In this book, the skunk is SO excited to help the Easter bunny decorate the Easter eggs that he 'causes a stink'. Ha!

The book includes a great procedural element that describes step-by-step how to decorate Easter eggs.

Procedural Writing Activity: How to Decorate Easter Eggs
I have students write and illustrate the information in their own 'How to Decorate Easter Eggs' booklets.

It's part of a larger book study {here}
The Easter Bunny's Assistant book activities

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