New Teaching Tool

I was so excited to receive this in the mail
because it meant that my dry erase pockets have arrived!
My Binding contacted me to try out their dry erase pockets.
You can find them {here}.

I decided to use them for activity centers.
I love that the pockets are different colors, so I can easily tell who they belong to.
I also LOVE that they save SPACE and TIME and PAPER!

I don't have to have piles of worksheets clogging up my desk, because I just need a few copies to slip into the pockets that can be reused multiple times. I don't have to spend so much time photocopying pages because I only need a few. And they save paper too which is great for the environment!

They work great for any subject area.
Several pages are available for download from My Binding, but of course you can put your own worksheets in as well.

We did some extra practice with math facts

These mini Rewritables dry-erase markers work great with the pockets.
I LOVE the giant erasers on the end...they leave the pocket clean {I got these at Walmart}.

The pockets are heavy duty...perfect for use by young children :)

Here are some more suggestions for use, available as free downloads:
calendar work
Click {here} to get yours.

Thank you, My Binding, for sharing your amazing product with our class!

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